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Keeping a drum corps "on the street" requires the time and dedication of many people. The Muchachos All-Age Drum and Bugle Corps is fortunate to have many caring and dedicated people doing their part and working as a team to bring the best possible performance level to every performance, whether a DCI show, a parade or a special Memorial Day service.


The administrative staff is led by Carolyn Surrell, Corps Director, who works with Ken Vachon, Treasurer; Judy Aikens, Secretary; the Business Manager; and many other volunteers as support staff. These folks are the ones working behind the scenes to put all the pieces in place so the Corps looks good, sounds good and feels good.


Our color guard is made up of an A-line and a working guard.

The A-Line is a traditional Drum Corps presentation of the American Colors, State Flag, Corps flag and others, reminiscent of the military traditions Drum Corps is based upon.

The working guard are members that use silks or rifles to visually enhance the musical presentation of the Corps. If you have never marched or twirled a flag, don't worry, we'll be happy to teach you. Come down to a rehearsal on Sunday afternoon and check us out. You'll notice the guard members, like the rest of the Corps, range in age from 14 to 60 and we have a lot of fun.


The drum line is an eclectic group, ranging in age from "just starting out" to "old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway". Our experience levels range from beginner to seasoned veterans, with many years' collective experience in marching bands,junior and senior Corps and DCI/DCA, and performing professionally.


The horn line's goal is to provide a place where members can continue their music education and be challenged to become better performers and musicians regardless of their experience.

If you are an alumnus of a Drum and Bugle Corps or Marching Band, hopefully you'll be able to continue to grow as a performer and enjoy this activity like you did when you were younger. If you are a younger member, typically under 21, you'll learn what Drum and Bugle Corps is about without having to make as large a time commitment as you would with a competitive corps but still enjoy some of the benefits. Some of our younger members have gone on to competitive DCI World and Open Class Corps and have been extremely successful.

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