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1. 07/12/2010

michael f. bishop

Looks good guys, be there Sunday for sure. looking foward too seeing alot of the old members. keep up the good work. ONCE A MUCHACHOS ALWAYS A MUCHACHOS !!!! OLE''


2. 07/02/2009

Ed McGuire

'I can REMEMBER>>>>> When Jeff Keviets called the corps in from the top of the stands.....the best memory EVER'


3. 07/26/2009

Salvatore Vaspol

I just want to say hello to all my former drum corps members of the 1970-73 Muchachos. I was the youngest snare drummer ever when the Muchacho were at their height at the young age of 13! the old guys hated me for being a prodigy! I loved it!


4. 08/12/2009

Dick Pepin

'WOW!! Great new look!!! The Corps looks and sounds fantastic. Imagine, almost "50" years. DICK PEPIN 1959-1967'


5. 09/16/2009

Joe Whelehan

You look great. I'm told the sound is at least as good as the look. Congrats on 50. Best to all.


6. 09/20/2009

Dick Henward

Hey Al and Dave and everyone at the Muchachos. I thouroughly enjoyed myself today at your open house. Al enjoyed our various conversations with you and others I met. Dave, that horn line has a great sound. Cant wait to see what develops as the new season comes together for you. And to all of you muchachos, you seem to have a commitment to your corps and work well with each other. I am sure you will have a great new year ahead. See you all again soon... - Olddrumcorps nut


7. 09/21/2009

Joe Whelahan

'Hello Muchachos,
Emily, Juliana and I enjoyed our visit with all of you at your '09 Open House. You are greatly improved since my days of proudly leading you, especially in field percussion. It was especially fulfilling having the opportunity to visit with some of my former marching-mates. And the cake was good too!!! Emily and I send our best wishes and will keep you all in our daily prayers that you stay safe and continue to grow and further improve. Hope to see you again soon. God bless you all. Now come to attention and BE QUIET!!! I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!'


8. 01/09/2010

Christine Lang

'Oh my....Muchachos has definitely changed...Back in the day...when I was could only be in the Corp...till you were glad to see its changed! Looks almost as good as "our" day in the Muchachos! *wink*'


9. 01/23/2010

Robert Bureau

Hello all Muchachos old and new alike Practice hard Play even harder See you all soon.


10. 01/25/2010

Anne Marie Duval Leroux

'I went to the open house this past sunday and boy did it bring back memories....the music is just fantastic,, I miss you all and maybe someday will see some of my lost friends.. I was in the colorguard in the early 70's when Dick Jarvis was director. Any members out there, please fell free to email me.....'


11. 03/04/2010

A. J. Desrosiers

I recently visited one of your rehearsals.I was VERY impressed!! The level experts you have on hand are incredible.I Met Al Gagne he was a very welcoming person and just by the little time I had with him I could see the great pride he had in his Muchachos. The instructors you have on hand were very insightful.I could all so see the love of the corp.In them. It's hard for me to be bias since I did march along side many of them, but to see them and see what they have become to this day.Is just awesome!! Do to my sickness I may not be able to join but if the corp or the instructors need a helping hand all they have to do is ask and I'll be there for them all as well as the corp. Lastly I would like to to say good luck to all of The Muchachos and specially to my friends Dave,Todd,Lorie again GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU IN THE MUCHACHOS!!!!!


12. 04/11/2010

David Lafond

'The new website looks awesome... great job.


13. 06/26/2010

Anne Marie Duval Leroux

Hello, I wanted to give an updated e-mail address so that if anyone wants to stay in touch, this is my new e-mail address ( Good Luck Muchachos and I shall see you in July at the show.


14. 06/23/2009

Judy Hickman Carratura

I was just remembering being in drum corps growing up in NJ and was surprised to find all the sites of corps I remember.


15. 07/19/2010

Chester Crowell

Nice show 7/18/2010

Drumcorp fan since 1960 one of the managers of Crusaders, Wilmingtion, MA


16. 07/22/2010

Rose Bournival

Went to the show and got goose bumps with the first note. I miss you guys and wish you all the best. Brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

Rose (Phillips) Bournival 1968-1975


17. 08/12/2010

Bill Rubel

I'm with the Kingston NY March of Champions Committee. I wanted to say thanks for a great perfomance saturday night! I hope the Corps got to see the whole show, it was one of the best shows we've ever had! I look foward to seeing The Muchachos in Kingston in 2011!
P.S. Congrats on winning the superdraw raffle!
Bill Rubel
March of Champions Committee
The Children's Home of Kingston


18. 08/22/2010

Mike Barrett

Saw the show in Lawrence. I was very impressed. the Corps has come a long way. the new uniforms, the music, and the drill was top notch. way to go Muchachos! wish you the best for next year. I still haven`t ruled Lou and I out. if things go right,we`ll be back. once again, great job.


19. 11/15/2010

Kathy (Cote) Clark

I was in the Muchachos Color Guard from 1975-1981. Glad to see that the corps is doing well.

Hope to get to one of the practices and/or shows this up coming year.


20. 11/28/2010

Geraldine ( Bisson ) Dionne

I want to thank todays Corps for the wonderful reunion. I know that Gerry would be so proud to know it is still going. No one knows what the Corps meant to him, but I do know that everytime he saw it in his later years, there tears in his eyes for "His Kids."


21. 12/11/2010

Doug Harrington

Merry Christmas Muchachos :)


22. 03/23/2012

Charlene Longchamp

'Hi, I marched with the Buccaneers from Chelmsford MA from 72-80. I became friends with some of the colorguard in that timeframe from the Muchachos and would just like to say hello and see if any of you are involved in the current Muchachos. You would know me as Charlie.'


23. 06/19/2012

Becki Beach St.George

So happy to see your Facebook page! I was a Tilton 49er from 1960-1969 and competed againt the Muchachos many times!! Wishing I still lived in NH - I would join! Thanks for the memories!!!


24. 06/23/2013

Maureen Reardon

It's Sunday morning and from my office at home I can hear the music and drums playing at Hillside Middle school. I've decided to become a volunteer and I can't wait to see the next performance. Maybe in time I'll join the rifler line. Happy summer to all.


25. 01/07/2014

Mark Lawton

Hello Muchachos,
I’m glad to see the organization is alive and thriving. While I attended Hesser College back in 73-75 I worked at the Manchester Boy’s Club and got to listen to the practices and rehearsals that were held in the club’s gym. I was a drummer back in high school and my hands were always thumping on the front desk to the beat what whatever was being practiced in the gym.


26. 03/07/2014

Richard J. Henward Sr.

'HI my old friends at the Muchachos. Have followed you and remembered you from all the way back in the day to now. Will be joining you out in the trenches soon as I am director of Maine's new, and first corps in 20 years, THE MAINE REGIMENT..Have a great 2014 season, Al Gagne, and all you Muchachos from THE MAINE REGIMENT.'


27. 05/03/2008

Carol & John Hull

My husband and I are former members of the Park City Pride from Bridgeport, CT and saw The Muchachos several times in Plymouth. We are not in drum corps this year but are traveling around to see the class 1,2 and 3 shows and we are coming to Manchester to see Fiesta de Musica. We are looking forward to hearing your show as well - we love your music. Will be contacting you for tickets. See you in July!


28. 07/25/2007

Frances Tripp

Looking forward to seeing you perform on July 15th. I have always enjoyed the Muchachos. I played French Horn and later the concert mellophone in high school some 30 years ago. Currently I am a "self taught" trumpet player having had my trumpet a little over a year and play purely for the enjoyment of it. Someday I hope to be involved in some type of band.


29. 07/07/2007

Warren Kohl

Good luck with the 2007 show. My wife and I are hoping to attend. I have many wonderful memories of the Muchachos during the 60's. Yes I'm afraid I'm that old,well afterall, I was a snare drummer with the Kittery Cardinals D&BC from 1956-1959.

Warren "The Fuzzman" Kohl


30. 07/09/2007

michael f. bishop

hey guys whats up great to see the show is coming back the 15th of july i'll be there.hope too see the old bunch back together again .tell kenny v i'll be there for sure.


31. 07/11/2007

Don R. Vachon

My how this brings back memories when the States rum corps competed and performed all over New England......!! My how times fly' great to see Manchester pick up the ball and make good much youth is lost these much fun is losts to jobs today !! See you all at the show !!!


32. 07/24/2007

Jim Brown

It really is a great time to be a 'Muchacho'. I have been with the corps going on 2 years in the drumline. Still having the time of my life. A fantastic group of dedicated individuals growing together as a corps. Our instructors are TOP NOTCH! My wish is for more people (both young and experienced) to find the time to join us. I am sure you would enjoy it. Performing in our own show was a terrific feeling. We felt good, we sounded our best and it showed. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the'MUCHACHOS'.


33. 07/26/2007

Connie L.

Today's Union Leader had a report of more buglers needed to sound Taps at the cemetery in Boscawen. My husband is buried there and I drove up last Sat. evening but there wasn't any bugler that night. I would like to contribute a little toward the luncheon but your website didn't give any directions. Can you tell me how to go about it?


34. 12/11/2007

Mark Chevalier

When I was a kid growing up in Manchester during the early 60s, I remember vividly watching the Muchachos in all the parades. They were always the high point for any parade to me. The black and white outfits with the splash of red, the "Zorro" hats (back when the original "Zorro" was still on the air!), the thumping music. Not being musically inclined, I was never able to take part even if I could've gotten over my shyness. Since those days, I spent 24 years in the Air Force and now live in Pennsylvania. While looking at pictures on-line of a motorcycle rally, I thought I saw someone in the crowd dressed as a Muchacho, and Googled the name to see if there was a website or history of the group on-line. I was thrilled to see that there is! Sorry that the group was disbanded in the 80s, but very happy to see it coming together once more. If I'm ever back in Manchester, I hope to see you perform once more.


35. 12/27/2007

James "Chip" Dunham

Member 78-84

Great to see the old pictures. Miss all the fun and the great trip to Canada we took. Muchachos was the start of a 22 year drum corps journey. Hi to Keith, Gary and all others who I have marched with. Miss you all!!

Lonley Bull forever!!!


36. 01/13/2008

Eddie D

Looking good - luv the new web site.....


37. 03/03/2008

Nancy Hamel

What about that Raiche they have to do everything together???? It seems to work for them, though. I've seen you all in various parades and have always been pleased with the performance. Too bad you don't need a singer...


38. 03/03/2008

mike "fritz" freeman

when i marched in the marion cadets, we met at nationals in denver. i liked you then and i'm really happy you're back. i always did like your corps. God Bless you and keep it up!!!!!


39. 04/16/2008

Lou Campedelli

To Amoskeg Sound, very nice performance this weekend in Harrisburg. You did yourselves and NH proud.
Keep up the great work and thanks for letting me hang out with you at the after party. See you soon.


40. 06/25/2007

Al Gagne

Hi everyone: After being caught up in all the spam problems associated with our former guestbook provider, our faithful and talented webmaster has created one that belongs to us and that we can administer. When you post a message, I will be notified and will review your submission to ensure that it satisfies the criteria that we have established for our website.

Thanks for your interest in the Muchachos Drum and Bugle Corps.


41. 06/01/2008

Scott Chalson

Whoa! By pure chance I saw a vid about drum and bugle corps on You Tube and so I googled my old corps the Manchester Muchachos. Little did I know you guys just got back together. I was a horn player quite a while ago 1975,1976. It's so cool that this corps is back together again. I sorely miss those days of parades and contests. The drum and bugle experience is and was fantastic. Best of luck to everyone!


42. 07/11/2008

Merle D. Eastman

I was a member of the Spartans back in the '60s and remember seeing the Muchachos in competition. You could generally expect they would win the Class B section of any contest they entered. Great website and I wish you all the best.


43. 07/15/2008

John and Carol Hull

We enjoyed your show very much! It was nice to see two of the Canadian Corps which we haven't seen for two years and thought they were very good.We also enjoyed the 7th Regiment from New London, CT - we saw them earlier in the year play at Mohegan Sun but we really liked their complete show! We were happy to see that The Citations won another show - we wish all the corps the very best at the finals in Indiana. We enjoyed your exhibition as well - we love the spanish music. You remind us of the Cabelleros. John and I were extremely happy to meet a few of you at the show - we hope to come back again next year! We may see some of you at Plymouth!


44. 07/28/2008

Steve Halle

WOW! Was very surprised and happy to see that the corps is alive and well and after looking at the montage of photos of corps was very good to see some familiar faces (however wrinkled we may be!!). The photos and faces brought back some awesome and warm feelings. Would love to see a resurgence onto the scene of the corps and would try to help support that if possible......kudos to all of you who are responsible...........

Steve Halle
(Former member, guard instructor and visual designer for The Muchachos)


45. 09/24/2008

D. J. Perry

Just wanted to say hi to everybody, I've been living in Sarasota FL for a year....I miss drumcorps alot I marched in the LightBRIGADE Drum&Bugle Corps of Malden Mass. ..formerly the 27th Lancers of Revere as a snaredrumer for 10yrs and also with the Boston Crusaders all ages Corps in 1990-92. I'd like to hear from Eddie Dorety...I think he lives in Venice FL ..I'm just down the road Please tell him he can E-mail at the above address I'd like to see about marching again . HEY guys Keep Grippin & Ripping!!!!!!! EX LANCER D.J


46. 09/24/2008

Eddie d

Hey DJ !!! I heard you wuz down here in Fla.

Muchachos - keep up the good work. You may have the chance to get a great horn man with Ray! He did wonders at BAC Sr. - just ask my wife Mary.

Drumline - split bass rumours??? Nice.......


47. 12/03/2008

Jeff Kocsis

Looks good guys.


48. 12/09/2008

Don Chesnel

Very nice website. I was a bass baritone player for the Rochester, NH Graniteers for a number of years back in the sixties. Those were the days! Keep up the great work!


49. 01/20/2009

Kiersten Niles

'Hey guys, Just thought you would like to know I was thinking of the corps. I believe that this coming year will be fantastic and new for the corps. I just hope that all the corps members and staff have a wonderful new season as a corps.

Best of luck to all.

Kiersten Niles'


50. 01/23/2009

Rick Trimboli

I've marched with the Royales,then The Bridgemen from 1973-1974, and was in awe how great The Muchacos horn line was. I played solo baritone in both The Royales1969-1973, then The Bridgemenand listening to the 1974 World Open, WoW.....