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Snare Players
Fiesta de Musica III
July 12, 2009

The Junior Corps was founded in 1960 (you can find more info on our Past page) and has evolved into the All-Age Corps we are now. We think this is the destination we have been searching for and now feel like we're home. This is what we aspire to be: a very good, well-respected, entertaining ensemble of musicians and performers. Let the world know that we have arrived and dedicate ourselves to expanding the quality of our performances and the reputation of our beloved Corps.

Our instructional staff remains dedicated to increasing each member's abilities, to improve the quality of our performance, and attracting new members that will allow us to expand our repertoire. These are all lofty goals that we intend to meet with the help of each and every one of our marching members, and staffs, both instructional and support.

We hope that you will consider joining us on this journey. You can be a part of the next 50 years of the Muchachos history from the outset.

Al Gagne
Chairman of the Board
Former Corps Director

Come celebrate with us!

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