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July 12, 2009

More recently the Muchachos have gone through yet another transformation. As the number of alumni from the junior corps days dwindled, the corps has refocused on providing educational and performance opportunities to the public in Greater Manchester.

2007 marked significant milestone for the organization. It changed its Board of Directors structure to an independent board consisting of qualified community leaders. As a result of this change the organization, The Muchachos, Inc., attained 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and is now a certified tax deductible non-profit organization dedicated to education in music and the marching arts.

The Muchachos Drum & Bugle Corps is one of two organizations sponsored by the Muchachos Inc., the other being Amoskeag Sound, a competitive mini Corps.

The Muchachos applied for associate membership with DCI-Atlantic and was evaluated and approved, resulting in opportunities for the Corps to perform exhibitions at DCI sanctioned shows, something the members had wanted to do for quite some time.

The debut of the Corps' 2007 production was on July 3rd in Nashua, NH at the Spartans show, at the request of Mr. Peter LaFlamme the Executive Director of the Spartans. It was the first time the Corps performed on the field in seven years. It was a welcomed return and the Corps made new fans at the show.

The excitement wasn't over yet. The Corps polished their routine and took the field again on July 15th, in Manchester, NH for their own show. After the weather broke they entertained the crowd and made new fans again. The members of the hornline got one more treat as they played America the Beautiful in a joint performance with the Spartans horn line as part of the ceremonies at the end of the show. It was a beautiful way to cap a great 2007 season.

Our Purpose...

We are not the 1960, 1965, 1972, 1980, or the 1986 Boys and Girls Club Muchachos. We are also not the 1996, 1999, or 2003 Muchachos Alumni Corps. The Muchachos have dropped 'Alumni' and Sr. corps from its name. This is an opportunity for the legacy of the Muchachos to meet the future of the Muchachos, and continue what was started almost 50 years ago by Mr. Dionne. We're a drum corps family and a place where people who love and enjoy music can learn to play, perform and entertain audiences in the tradition of drum and bugle corps.

Today's version of the Muchachos will take us all away from the crazy world we live in for a few hours a month to do what we enjoyed doing when we were younger (or older) - PERFORMING and ENTERTAINING!! If you're involved, you'll work hard, practice, but in the end your involvement will be VERY REWARDING.

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