New Uniforms - Horn Line / Drum Line
Horn Line and Drum Line
New Uniform

After many years, many bus trips and many, many miles of marching, the Muchachos uniforms have been replaced!

Early 2009, a uniform committee was created. This committee consisted of Muchachos members representing all aspects of the corps, from the Staff, the Horn Line, the Percussion Line and the Color Guard. These folks represented both the Alumni and the new members as they solicited ideas and preferences from anyone who wanted to voice their opinion.

The committee met many times and came up with a variety of designs and possible sources for new uniforms. Samples were ordered and delivered and ultimately two selections were brought to the body of the corps to make a final selection. The corps overwhelmingly selected the style shown in the sample at right by Stanbury Uniforms.

The new uniforms were created and ready for their debut as the Muchachos took the field in their home show, Fiesta de Musica III, on July 12th, 2009. You can catch us at shows and parades throughout the year (see our schedule).



Would you like to make a difference? Would you like to own a part of Muchachos' history? Now is your chance, and we could really use your help!

As you may have guessed, the cost of purchasing seventy-five new uniforms for the Corps is huge! To help offset some of the costs, the Muchachos would like to give you one of our retiring uniforms and let you put a tag in a one of the new uniforms! All we ask is that you make a donation to the Uniform fund in the amount of $200 or more. You can take this opportunity to own an actual piece of what will soon be the Muchachos past and be a part of the future. We have limited quantities of these uniforms, and when we run out, that's it. There will be no more.

Of course, all donations are welcomed. The expense is large and every bit helps. So, even if you cannot afford the full $200, please feel free to donate what you can.

You can use the links below to pay for your donation using your credit card, or you can mail your donation to us at:

The Muchachos Inc.
1750 Elm St.   Box 902
Manchester, NH 03104


*The Muchachos Inc is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) corp.


Past Uniform of the Muchachos

On the left is the Muchachos' retired uniform. You can own a piece of history and be part of our future for a donation of $200 or more to our Uniform fund.

Thank you!

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